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07 December 2023


The company organized a roundtable to discuss local economy, innovative ideas and sustainable experiences.

A new wind, destined to take Vicenza's most innovative companies far. Last November 24,
Euroventilatori organized a meeting in its headquarters in San Pietro Mussolino to discuss
a number of key strategic issues on the future of the local economy. On stage, together
with the company's top management, Massimo Bitonci, Undersecretary of the Ministry of
Made in Italy Enterprises, Nicola Finco, Vice President of the Veneto Regional Council,
and Laura Dalla Vecchia, President of Confindustria Vicenza.

"The idea of this meeting" explains Euroventilatori’s President Valter Giuseppe Peretti,
"came from the desire to share the innovative experiences carried out in the last years,
both in technology and in organization of human resources and production processes, for
a broader discussion with the aim to highlight how Vicenza’s companies can be more
attractive in the near future.

In recent years, Euroventilatori has been able to invest in people and skills, becoming a
European reference in the industry, with a production that exceeds 28 thousand machines
per year, a distribution in almost 40 countries worldwide and an offer of more than 1100
products in the catalog, fully configurable by the customer with an infinite possibility of
customization. The appointment was also the opportunity to officially launch "Polmon", the
innovative machinery for testing and certifying the industrial fans, to offer an impeccable
quality for the customers.

"Investments are not limited to the improvement of technological and product aspects"
recalled CEO Michele Carlotto "but concern all business processes. We want to engage
our customers in all the relevant moments of their experience with Euroventilatori, from
configuration service to the purchase stage and after-sales. Currently, we are developing
new products and improving production performance, both in quality and in lead time
shrinking. A special attention is paid to our internal staff, a strategic asset for our company,
for whom we provide training and growth plans to enhance their talent".

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