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The core of
the industrial plants

We produce fans for the process industry and for the main industrial fields, developing custom solutions for our customers.

Iron & Steel Industry

Solutions for the manufacturing and the treatment in the production processes of iron, alloys and metals.

Farming and Milling

From the raw materials to the end product: transformation, pneumatic transport, seasoning, warehousing.


Ventilation and air change for the breeding farms.

Energy, Oil&Gas

Ventilation and cooling systems in refineries and in the energy transformation processes.

Textile Industry

Carding, blowing, drying in the processing of fabrics and textile fibers.

Chemistry and pharmaceutical

Processing of raw material in chemical compounds and end products.

Wood, Glass and Paper

Aspiration, filtration and cooling systems for paper factories, glass and wood industries.

Ceramic & Bricks

Ventilation and cooling systems for furnaces, drying and recirculation.

Marine Sector

Ventilation systems for technical rooms of the naval industry.

Processing industry

Customized solutions for the OEM sector.

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