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Sustainability and responsibility.

Particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability, Euroventilatori in recent years has begun to pursue sustainable objectives: the company has equipped itself with non-toxic painting cycles for humans and the environment; the R&D department is committed to the efficiency of products and processes and careful attention is dedicated to the reduction of waste in production. 

A green and conscious culture is promoted and encouraged among the company's employees for the decrease in the use of paper and disposable plastic. Finally, Euroventilatori has chosen not to supply its products to the war industry and companies that do not respect human rights.

In the region and for the region.

The objectives we pursue, but above all the results obtained, are the result of a synergy that involves the people who work in the company and for the company: from employees to suppliers, to representatives of local institutions.

Creating wellbeing for the region and the community that lives and works with us is more than a mission: it is the scenario in which we write the present and the future of Euroventilatori

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