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The only imperative: to innovate.

In the long history of Euroventilatori, a single imperative is the leading theme: innovation. From listening and dialogue with our customers, the ideas from which to innovate and improve our products emerge. In recent years, this operation has been developed, determining a new course for the company in terms of innovation, which is extended to all sectors of the company: methodologies and systems to make the departments more productive and to carry out value-added activities for customer and stakeholders.

To this day, the company continues to innovate to pursue its goals of sustainable growth by determining a new and conscious course that includes all the company's personnel.


LiveCurve is the aeraulic curve simulation and ERP information software 2013 – 2015 developed by Euroventilatori for the selection of industrial fans.

Thanks to the innovative interactive diagram, it is possible to select the characteristics of the fan by entering the flow and pressure values of interest. Based on these parameters, the search returns the list of models that offer the best performance, represented in a Cartesian diagram.
LiveCurve is an interactive software: for each product, in fact, it is possible to move within the diagram and check how performance changes, based on the relationship between flow rate and fan pressure.

Polmon: the Euroventilatori system for diagnosis, control and testing.

Polmon is the new system of diagnosis, control and testing that scientifically tests the fans, and their conformity in terms of design and operation.
It is a 256 m3 technological station that carries out the validation tests of every type of industrial fan. 

Polmon has been designed to certify the value and quality of Euroventilatori products and to expand the range of customer services

We have imagined this machine as a real "lung (polmone)" that conveys air, that breathes, and that creates processes of value for our customers.

The aim is to provide a product that is qualitatively flawless, safe and up to the level of performance designed and declared.

As an organ that provides ever-new lifeblood, Polmon is thus the strategic centre for the development of new fans and projects.

Performance characteristics

  • Certification of flow and pressure curves according to the latest revision ISO 5801

  • Designed for verification of AMCA 210 standards

  • Control over the entire range of centrifugal and axial fans from diameter 221mm to 2,000mm

  • Can be used for testing engines up to 355 kW

  • Start-up and test

  • Checking the performance of the fan

  • Noise measurement with 8 microphones

  • Vibration level measurement with 4 magnetic sensors

  • Verification of the fan's electrical behaviour

  • Maximum flow rate (as per AMCA 210 standard): 33.34 m3/s 120,000 m3/h

  • Maximum pressure: +10,000 Pa

  • Minimum pressure: -2,500 Pa

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