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About us

The air takes shape.

Founded in 1981, Euroventilatori is one of the largest European companies in the field of industrial ventilation. The company is constantly evolving, with the sole objective of pursuing excellence in the production and distribution of ventilation systems.

Being complacent is not a part of our DNA: we like to think big and make a difference. To do this, we focus on constant innovation, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and a team of highly specialised resources.

Our Vision

Allowing our people to evolve
in harmony and synergy
with the environment.

Our value proposition.
  • Investing in technological innovation.

    The know-how developed in forty years of experience in the sector has allowed us to implement a product to perfection, reliably and to a high standard of quality. Despite consolidated experience, we have only one imperative: to innovate. The drive for innovation allows us to improve the way we design, manufacture and sell to ensure the best service to our customers and to ensure the high standard of performance of our products over time.

  • Promoting team spirit.

    We work together to achieve goals, developing skills, attitudes and personal potential. We introduce new problem-solving methods and invest in continuous training so that everyone can make their talent available to contribute to business growth. We take a proactive attitude in improving our area of responsibility, aware of the impact on the group, the company, the community and the environment.

  • Creating value through lean principles.

    We have decided to adopt the Lean method in our production lines with the sole purpose of making the company more efficient to create value for our customer, connecting us directly to their needs. We encourage continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, working to offer a high-quality product, minimising waste and adopting sustainable solutions for humans and the environment.

  • Customer-centric vision.

    Thanks to our ability to listen and our relationship with our customers, we develop special and customised projects with the aim of being the ideal partner in the field of industrial ventilation. We invest time and resources to minimise delivery times by guaranteeing a quality product of the highest technological level available on the market. We build reliable, efficient, high-performance industrial fans whose performance lasts over time and we are committed to ensuring the highest level of service in order to support our customers' business.

Our key figures.


machines per year


series of industrial fans


machines in the catalogue


countries to which Euroventilatori products are exported


Euroventilatori produces over 28,000 industrial fans per year including axial, centrifugal and special fans that are the result of constant technological research, attentive to innovation and to the technical and construction characteristics that allow us to maintain a quality standard that is constant over time. EUV products stand out on account of their high performance, high efficiency, durability and guaranteed safety.

The capacity of the machinery varies from 120 to 270,000 m³/h of air with pressures from 5 to 5,000 kgf/m² and applied powers from 0.18 to 500 kw. 

The wide range of fans in the catalogue includes machines with impeller diameter from 160 to 1,600 mm. For out-of-series up to a diameter of 2,000 mm, double suction series are available for large volumes of air, special blades for filamentary material and double stage for very high pressures. There is no shortage of custom solutions, specifically designed for the customer's needs.

Over 40 years on air processing.

Euroventilatori was founded in 1981 in Arzignano. As a local company, it specialises and develops its area of operation, facing European markets after only a few years of activity. In the early 2000s, it moved its headquarters to the San Pietro Mussolino plant, being able to utilise an area of over 30,000 square metres to expand its production plants and its offer.

Since 2019, there has been a profound internal transformation resulting from the adoption of the Lean method for the development of two high-efficiency production lines and the investment in training for the specialisation of personnel in order to meet the increasingly customised demands of our customers in the shortest possible time. 

Today, the company has 90 people actively involved in achieving the objectives of sustainable growth that the company pursues by promoting the breaking down of social and cultural barriers, the promotion of equality and the establishment of an environment in which everyone can express themselves freely to make their contribution to improvement.

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