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Industrial Fans
since 1981

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The fan is the heart of the industrial plants, and the heart needs passion to beat: that passion which we exploit every day to guarantee a safe, reliable, high-performance product that matches the market demands.

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The product selection in one click

LiveCurve is an aeraulic curves simulation and ERP 2013-2015 information platform, developed by Euroventilatori for the industrial fan selection.
The ground-breaking interactive chart allow to select the fans by setting the pressure and the air flow. The result is a list of models with the highest performance displayed on a cartesian chart.
LiveCurve is an interactive software: for any fan is possible to move inside the diagram to verify the efficiency, on the basis of the ratio between pressure and air flow.

Latest News.

Our commitment to the environment

Euroventilatori celebrates World Earth Day by ceasing the printing of paper manuals.


The company organized a roundtable to discuss local economy, innovative ideas and sustainable experiences.

Take a breath, there's polmon from now on

Developed by Euroventilatori that measures and verifies the performing features, ensuring the quality

Euroventilatori changes image: new logo, same commitment

An important transformation process, with a new graphic symbol.

Euroventilatori guest at Viyoung 2023

On 24 March, the CEO of Euroventilatori Michele Carlotto was a guest, in a conference on the future

Bonus 2022 for employees

55 thousand euros to support employees against price increases and inflation.

ATEX fans: all there is to know

Euroventilatori presents a new free online training course dedicated to Atex fans.

Euroventilatori's lean journey

Discover the characteristics of a unique experience, designed with the collaboration of Auxiell consultants

APRFD fan: high performance in a small size

Our APRFD is a two-stage fan with an impeller diameter of 800 mm, capable of high pressure values

Italypost award

We received the prize from the ItalyPost Study Center for companies in the Vicenza area with high performane